Responsibility to build the future

Social responsibility

The purpose of the company

Promote the development of industry norms, popularize people's waterproof knowledge, and actively participate in public welfare undertakings

According to the development direction and strategic priorities, industry development, education, environmental protection and community building are identified as the key areas of public welfare support.

In recent years, with “ Responsibility to build the future ” For the orientation, Kebaishi always adheres to the responsibility first, actively advocates and participates in charity, and regards business areas as the key areas of public welfare support, forming a normal state, and striving to build a first-class enterprise with a high sense of social responsibility. The company regularly organizes unpaid blood donation for 11 consecutive years “ Serve the people and refuse to leak ” Public welfare activities, providing special waterproof maintenance services for vulnerable groups and supporting environmental protection. The company and employees join hands to actively participate in social charity.

Create a lasting and safe environment for mankind and society.