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Polymer (JS) Waterproof Coating

wet base bonding strength: Type I: ≥0.5Mp, Type II: ≥0.7Mpa, Type III: ≥1.0Mpa

Low temperature flexibility: Type I: <10℃, Crack-free tension is mild (untreated): Type I: ≥1.2Mpa Type II: ≥1.8Mpa Type III: ≥1.8Mpa Elongation at break (untreated): Type I: ≥ 200% Type II: ≥ 80% Type III: ≥ 30%

Impermeability: 0.3Mpa,30min Product manual download




Performance index


The product shall comply with the requirements of GB/T23445-2009 Elastomer Modified Asphalt Waterproof Coil. 。

Note: For other specifications and performance, please ask the sales engineer for the test report.

    Bond strength of wet base surface

    Bond strength of wet base surface ≥ 1MPA

    Low temperature flexible

    Technical indicators:-10℃ No cracks


    The tensile strength:1.8MPA


    Elongation at break:≥ 80


    Technical indicators:0.3Pma 30min impervious

    Solid content

    Solid content:70%



Scope of application

JS composite waterproof coating can be used in wet or dry masonry, mortar, concrete, gold Genus, wood, hard plastic, glass, gypsum board, foam board, asphalt, rubber, SBS coiled material,

APP coiled material, polyurethane, etc., new and old in industry and civil use. Buildings (example: houses, walls, underground, tunnels, bridges, pools, reservoirs, sanitation Room, kitchen) can be used. Additional waterproof layer for details

Fill sealing material embedded in the groove, and repeat the details such as Yin and Yang angle and pipe root (2-4 Time) coating, underground engineering should add a layer of carcass reinforcement material. Large-scale waterproof layer construction waterproof coating for large-scale construction should be painted and rinsed for many times, generally 4 layers of coating, special engineering It can be painted in 5 layers.

the coating time of each layer is usually 8 hours apart, and it should be extended in winter, the first The Bo Tu of the first coating should be 0.2-0.3mm, and the thickness of each coating after that should be 0.4-. 0.5mm is better, and the coating dosage is about 0.8kg/㎡. It should not be too thick once

The facade construction should be done with It is better not to add water or less water, so as to avoid the paint flowing, which makes the facade thickness difficult to reach. Meter thickness, at the same time, lead to the accumulation of Yin and Yang Angle material is too thick, crack. Laying carcass material

The carcass should be smooth, free of wrinkles, with an overlap of not less than 100mm. When construction, paint all over first, and then paint it again after laying. After the completion of coating waterproof layer, pass the inspection. After acceptance, the finished product shall be protected.

Product introduction

Product introduction

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